Roma Mural WORKSHOP: The Invisible Faces of Europe

Romska Kulturcentret i Malmö
21-29 November – 2015

The Invisible Faces of Europe

OUTSIDE INSIDERS – Pluriculturalism in Contemporary Art and Culture

“What replaces invisibility is a kind of carefully regulated, segregated visibility.”
Stuart Hall

Pluriculturalism – a pluralism not only in the street, but in the mind.

Working with the Romska Kulturcentret i Malmo Damian Le Bas and Delaine Le Bas will run a series of workshops that will work towards creating a collective artwork in public space. The final work will eventually come together as a mural located in public space in the city of Malmö, including evocative mixed-media collages, embroidery and textual elements.

There will also be a new performance work created, based upon the current situation of the Roma community in Malmo. The importance of the conversations, ideas and input from the local community is tantamount, and will inform the work completely. The Roma still remain one of the most demonised and ‘invisible’ communities across Europe. The financial and political crises that divide Europe is making their position even more difficult than in previous decades.

This project is part of a series of ongoing art works that set out to question this ‘invisibility’ and create a different conversation about a culture of ‘pluriculturalism’ (a concept which goes beyond multiculturalism). This artwork will start as a Roma initiative and come to engage the wider community to start a new dialogue.

We look forward to working with as many people as possible, and welcome participants of all ages. Being ‘good at art’ is not essential for participation in this project.

A seminar on the 30th November at Moderna Museet will question the special ‘segregated invisibility’ of Roma in Malmo, and debate visions and potentials for a new pluriculturalism.

Hosted by
Romska Kulturcentret i Malmö
Ystadsvägen 46, 4 floor/vån, Malmö

Curated by
Marita Muukkonen & Ivor Stodolsky
of Perpetuum Mobile

In partnership with
Moderna Museet, Malmö
Ola Billgrens plats 2–4, Malmö

Funded by:
The Nordic Culture Fund

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