PM withdraws from the initiative for a biennial in Lagos

August 11, 2017

Over the last few weeks, the initiative for a biennial in Lagos has faced a growing lack of integrity and security. Basic principles were undermined by unsavoury decisions PM would not have deemed acceptable under any other circumstances.

Nevertheless, we decided to keep moving forward out of a sense of commitment, solidarity and the desire to see this initiative for a 1st Lagos Biennial succeed.

Now, however, we are faced with further grave and unexplained reversals. There is a loss of basic trust; the initial curatorial vision has become unrecognisable. The very fundamentals – ethical and material – can no longer be guaranteed. In short, the ground the initiative stands on can no longer be considered secure.

For the sake of our artists and the integrity of our work, Perpetuum Mobile  has been forced to draw its conclusions. PM has withdrawn all support from this initiative.

There is, nevertheless, a silver lining to this unfortunate, potentially tragic affair. We rejoice in the newly developing relationships with the exceedingly strong group of 17 artists on PM’s curatorial list. From the legends to the new talents, from Shanghai to Sudan they have all withdrawn in solidarity with PM’s position.

We look forward to new projects with this remarkable configuration of artists.

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