The 4th Roma Pavilion: SAFE EUROPEAN HOME? Berlin

Opening 31 May, 2013 at 7 pm at the .CHB, Berlin

By Delaine Le Bas and Damian Le Bas (concept)
Curated by Ivor Stodolsky
With contributions by Gabi Jiminez and other artists and activists.

This outdoor walk-in installation and indoor exhibition calls attention to the increasing levels of social insecurity, fear and inequality in Europe generally, while initiating a discussion about measures which might be taken to provide equitable standards of living for groups such as the Roma-Gypsy communities. It focuses on the tensions that exist between voluntary and forced mobility, and minority and majority cultures. SEH? was first initiated in 2011 in front of the Austrian Parliament in Vienna.

As a “Gypsy Dada” ready-made, SEH? BERLIN has been dubbed the 4th Roma-Gypsy Pavilion by the artists. According to this reckoning, the “Roma Pavilion” of 2007 at the Venice Biennale was the 1st, the emergency “Perpetual Gypsy Pavilion” of 2009 at Venice was the 2nd, and the “Roma Pavilion” of 2011 the 3rd pavilion. Launched in Berlin parallel to the Venice Biennale, which again is lacking a Roma-Gypsy presence, SEH? Berlin is thus considered the 4th Roma-Gypsy Pavilion.

OPENING Outside of the

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Haus Ungarn)
Ungarisches Kulturinstitut
Dorotheenstraße 12
10117 Berlin

On VIEW for the month of June 2013.




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