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PM’s Artists at Risk (AR) is an extensive network run on highly limited resources. The costs of hosting one AR-Resident for one month are equivalent to a regular salary in the country in question. That’s considerable. AR furthermore hosts entire families, and sometimes there are additional costs, such as healthcare, handling psychological trauma, legal help, visa and work-permit costs, and so on and so forth. Hosting art-practitioners at risk is not cheap!

Please consider donating to Artists at Risk (AR)!

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Perpetuum Mobile (PM) also uses FairCoin which aims to promote equality and a fair economic system.

  • FairCoin is the first fairly distributed crypto currency.
  • 99.99% Proof-Of-Stake, rewarding savers
  • FairCoin 2.0 is the first coin to use Proof-of-Cooperation.
  • All the coins were pre-mined and fairly distributed to thousands of people all over the world.
  • Backed by a strong, diverse and committed community.
  • Promotes prosperity and financial freedom with real value.
  • Working to become the coin of fair trade.




Get your FairCoin here:
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Read more about the currency here:

FairCoin is endorsed by FairCoop, the Earth cooperative for a fair economy. This open global cooperative, self-organized via the internet and outside of nation-state control. See the FairCoop FAQ

Please contact us if you wish to donate to PM’s ongoing activities via Paypal or traditional bank transfer.


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