The Helsinki Housing Manifesto

The Housing Agenda, the Ateneum Museum resulted in the

The Helsinki Housing Manifesto

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which was presented by Miranda Vuolasranta to a high-level EU conference on Roma issues in Brussels in November 2011.

The Housing Agenda / Under the Bridge – Helsinki

The seminar and staged debate “The Housing Agenda” in Ateneum Art Museum was organized by Vladan Jeremić and Rena Rädle during “Paths Crossing” HIAP residency, to come up with a proposal how the housing problem of Roma and other precarious migrant workers in Europe can be solved. As a result of its debates and public consultations, the contributors of the conference issued the “Helsinki Housing Manifesto”. It supports the idea to build a trans-urban network of “migrants hotels” in many European cities for Roma precarious migrant workers and proposes a set of common principles for local housing solutions that would be developed with support of the European Social Fond.

Participants included: Vladan Jeremić (political activist and artist, Serbia), Dejan Marković (Roma politician and activist), Lidija Mirković (artist, Germany), Silvia Modig (member of the Finnish Parliament, City Planning Board), Damian Le Bas (writer, UK), Panu Lehtovuori (architect, professor of urban studies, Helsinki), Marita Muukkonen (curator, Helsinki), Gareth Rice (social thinker, writer, urban political economist, University of Helsinki), Rena Rädle (artist, activist, Serbia), Roman Schatz (journalist and writer, Helsinki), Ivor Stodolsky (curator, researcher, writer, Helsinki-Berlin), Miranda Vuolasranta (executive director in the Finland’s Roma Forum, Helsinki), Eetu Viren (theorist, activist of Free Movement, Helsinki), Thomas Wallgren (Member of Helsinki City Council).

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