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Instituent Communitas: Artists at Risk (AR) at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw

Join us in Warsaw for Instituent Communitas at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art on the 25th of January at 7 pm. Artists at Risk (AR)’s Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen will share a panel with the artist and former AR-Safe … Continue reading

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Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo: AR’s first AR-Safe Haven Berlin Resident

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo is a human rights and democracy activist, writer and artist based in the mining town of Kwekwe, in central  Zimbabwe. From 9th of January to 8th of April he will be the first AR-Safe Haven Berlin Resident. … Continue reading

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YLE Swedish on AR: Reto, Touma and the Thematic State Prize

Thank you Eva Lamppu and Svenska Yle Nyheter for this nice article about some our some of our (former) AR-Residents and Artists at Risk‘s winning the Thematic State Prize 2017. (Try Google translate – it works quite well for Swedish!) PRESS Source: Förtryckta politiska konstnärer … Continue reading

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Artists at Risk (AR) wins Thematic State Prize!

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) has awarded its #movingart Theme-Year Prize to the Artists at Risk (AR) programme of Perpetuum Mobile. The amount awarded is 5000 euros. The director of Taike Minna Sirnö presented the award to AR’s directors … Continue reading

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Documentation: Co-Memorations of 2018 – A PROJECT FOR A PUBLIC MONUMENT to 1918

The history of Helsinki and Suomenlinna, and especially the traumatic events of 1918, their narration and representation in art and historiography, has been a subject of Perpetuum Mobilε’s interest for many years. As we approach the centenary year of the … Continue reading

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CO-MEMORATIONS of 2018: A Project for a Public Monument to 1918

Two new commissions by Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena, in preparation for the anniversary of the Finnish Civil War of 1918. DOCUMENTATION of the opening and installation views Opening at 2pm on Saturday 29 April, 2017 Kasarmi (Nordic Culture Point), Suomenlinnan B28 … Continue reading

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Documentation of the MOBILE TALK: Pınar Ögrenci

On the 15th of February, Pınar Ögrenci held a MOBILE TALK at HAM, Helsinki Art Museum, chaired by Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky of Perpetuum Mobilε. For information about the artist and the talk see here. A selection of photographs … Continue reading

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MOBILE TALK: Pınar Ögrenci at HAM

See documentation of the event here Pınar Öğrenci is an artist and writer based in Istanbul. Her MOBILE TALK at the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) will offer the audience an overview of her prolific artistic production and activist practices. The … Continue reading

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PRESS: The PLURIversity

TEXT re:  A “université populaire” and school of the arts, the PLURIversity cross-seeds artistic, P2P and social imaginaries to develop new pedagogies, skills and solutions for a diverse, pluricultural future. source: THE PLURIVERSITY IS A PERPETUUM MOBILIZATION. PERPETUUM MOBILE … Continue reading

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Artists at Risk (AR) Nominated for EUROPEAN CITIZEN’S PRIZE!

Perpetuum Mobilε​ is delighted to announce that PM’s Artists at Risk (AR) platform has been nominated for the European Parliament​’s EUROPEAN CITIZEN’S PRIZE! Here an excerpt from the commendatory text to the Prize Chancellery of the “Civi Europaeo Praemium” (’_Prize): … Continue reading

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