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Breaking news: Khaled Jarrar is coming TO THE SQUARE 2, his travel-ban unexpectedly reversed


Press release: Open call for Volunteers for a Performative Action by Khaled Jarrar (Palestine)

ON THE MOVE Programme 2013-2016

TO THE SQUARE 2 (‪#‎TSQ2‬) on DW — TV (Deutsche Welle)

Meet the Artists of To The Square 2

BACK TO (THE) SQUARE 1 : Programme / e-flux

Khaled Jarrar (Jenin, 1976) works with photography, video, installation, film, and performance to create works that address the political tensions and day to day struggles that characterise life in Palestine. His works interrogate injustices as perpetrated by state actors, while exploring the potential for resistance via art and activism, as well as the resilience of Palestinian people in everyday life and work situations.

In August 2014, Jarrar took part in the RE-ALIGNED project To The Square 2 as part of On the Move, organised in partnership with HIAP and Perpetuum Mobile. He was originally denied the possibility to participate, following a travel ban issued to him by the Israeli state, but the ban was reversed allowing him to present his work: “On Power, Dis-/Obedience and War”. The performance involved 50 volunteer participants who undertook a military march coordinated by Jarrar, himself an ex-soldier. The choreography culminated in the volunteers opposing Jarrar’s orders, an act intended to subvert state and militaristic power. Earlier, in March 2014, Jarred took part in Back to (the) Square 1, inviting members of the public in Helsinki to take part in the building of ‘Hunger Wall’: a barrier made of loaves of bread placed at the mouth of the BAANA pedestrian tunnel in Helsinki.

He was co-hosted for the project as an Artist at Risk by Perpetuum Mobile and HIAP–Helsinki International Artists Programme.

“On Power, Dis-/Obedience and War”, 2014

Jarrar’s solo exhibitions include Ayyam Gallery Al Quoz, Dubai (2016); Art Bartsch & Cie, Geneva (2015); Galerie Polaris, Paris (2014, 2012); Gallery One, Ramallah (2014); Ayyam Gallery London (2013); Galerie Guy Bartschi, Geneva (2013); and the NEWTOPIA: The State of Human Rights Contemporary Arts in Mechelen and Brussels (2012).


Back to (the) Square 1 and To the Square 2 were commissioned by Checkpoint Helsinki.

The programmes were curated by Perpetuum Mobile’s Ivor Stodolsky & Marita Muukkonen as part of Perpetuum Mobilε’s Re-Aligned Project.

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