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Documentation: “The Cities Beneath Our Feet” by Baran Çağinli

The Cities Beneath Our Feet A PLURIversity Workshop at Helsinki Schools and Artsi Museum by Baran Çağinli Participating schools: Vaskivuori high school, Torkkeli high school, Sotunki school, Tikkurila IB high school. (229 participants in all) These sculptural workshops at schools … Continue reading

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Documentation: “No Man’s Land” by Baran Çağinli

Documentation of: “No Man’s Land” by Baran Çağinli On August 28, Baran Çağinli exhibited his latest work, “No Man’s Land” at Suomi101, at the Vantaan Taidemuseo Artsi. In parallel with the exhibition, and as part of Perpetuum Mobile’s (PM) project … Continue reading

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