On The Move / Safe Haven Resident: El Haqed

page1dossierl7a9d_2Mouad Belrhouate (b. 1987) is a Moroccan rapper and human rights activist who goes by the name El Haqed (Arabic: الحاقد, “The Enraged”). El Haqed rose to prominence when he was imprisoned for critisising the king of Morocco, Mohammed VI. In 2011, El Haqed’s hit song Baraka Min Elskate (“Stop the Silence”) roused people to take to the streets in defiance of what he rapped was the state’s monopoly on major industries – from phosphate extraction to telecoms – and its violent backlash against dissent.

El Haqed’s residency is organised in partnership with HIAP, Perpetuum Mobile and SafeMUSE.

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