Erol Mintas as a new MOBILE-Resident in Helsinki

Erol Mintaş is a filmmaker based in Istanbul, Turkey. Born in Kars in northeastern Turkey in 1983, he first completed his undergraduate studies in computer and teaching technologies, before switching to graduate studies in cinema at Marmara University in Istanbul. His final thesis was on the cinematic art of Tarkovsky.

In 2008, Mintaş’s first short film Butimar was screened at film festivals, receiving a total of four awards in Turkey. Mintaş’s second short, Snow, completed in 2010, received the Golden Orange for Best Film at the Antalya Film Festival – one of the most prestigious awards in Turkish cinema. Snow has been in the competition at numerous film festivals around the world (Montpellier FF, Timishort FF, Brno Sixteen FF, Tangier Mediterranean Short FF, Istanbul IFF, !f Istanbul Independent FF), and won a total of eight different awards.

Song of My Mother, Erol Mintaş first feature film, was selected for co-production markets and work-in-progress sections at Meetings on the Bridge at Istanbul IFF, Agora at Thessaloniki IFF, Sundance Script Lab and !f Istanbul. At Meetings on the Bridge, it received the post-production and distribution award. The film was supported by Turkish Ministry of Culture and CNC Cinema du Monde. Open release, Song of My Mother won the Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Film as well as the Best Actor award in 2014. Screened at many festivals, it won fourteen different awards.

Currently, Mintaş is working on new film projects, including Crows, which was selected for a CINELINK co-production market at Sarajevo FF, the NIPKOW Foundation Program and Film Independent – GMM, and is going into production as a Turkey-Germany-France- Slovenia co-production.

Erol Mintaş is currently a MOBILE Resident in Helsinki. This programme is curated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and co-organised by PM with HIAP – The Helsinki International Artist Programme, the Programme is funded by the Helsinki City Cultural Office, Finland.

His MOBILE Residency extends from early February 2017 until the end of December 2017.

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